All Replacement Canopy Covers Include the necessary cover attaching hardware, installation instructions and a canopy storage bag. Canopy attaching hardware is typically comprised of a bungee cord system that allows for attachment to an existing canopy frame.  Typically bungee hardware will consist of individual bungees or a continuous bungee cord both of which attach to either the lower canopy frame rail or canopy bows. Replacement ShoreStation covers include instructions for both old and new style canopy attachment methods, so as long as you have a complete OEM ShoreStation canopy frame, all the required attaching hardware will be included with your new cover. 
Canopies are produced by custom C.A.D patterns in order to achieve an OEM-like fit and appearance. Corners of the covers are reinforced with a corner seam to provide a clean look. All covers provide a scalloped skirt end that is sewn in a zigzag fashion for secure attachment